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Year-Round Offerings

Harvest Apple™ (GF,v)

Classic apple pie flavor and perfect texture and spice makes this a year-round favorite.

Blue Ridge Blueberry™ (GF,v)

Fresh whole blueberries provide the perfect blueberry flavor.

Dixie Classic Cherry™ (GF,v)

The perfect balance of sweetness and tartness in a homestyle version of this classic pie using only the best whole sweet dark cherries.

Key West Lime™ (gf)

Tart and creamy - like you've always dreamt it would be!

Chocolate Cowgirl™

Handmade fresh caramel. Rich responsibly-sourced Ecuadorian chocolate. Salty oatmeal crust. Fudge-like texture with just the right amount of sweetness. A chocolate-lover's dream!


GF - Gluten Free Option Available

V - Vegan Option Available



Seasonal Specials

Fall Pumpkin

The best pure pumpkin pie you'll have all season. (Oct.-Dec.)


Our twist on the Twix® candy bar. Shortbread crust, chocolate ganache layer, with caramel filling.

Classic Southern Pecan

A taste of the sweet south in LA. (Nov.-Dec.)

Orchard Peach & Nectarine™ (GF,v)

The absolute freshest peaches and nectarines in a homemade recipe will change your perspective on this summer pie for good! (June-Aug.)

Cranberry Orange Chess

Don't miss this unique southern-style chess pie - a perfect fall addition but get it quick before it's gone! (Nov.-Dec.)

Edna's Lemon Meringue™

Grandma's secret recipe with Brianna's special twist. (Periodically throughout year)

Seasonal Cream Pies

A rotating selection of the freshest of the season. A new flavor each month.


Monthly Seasonal Offerings and Vegan Specials!